Tuesday 10 May 2011

Duckett's Grove Co Carlow

Built in 1830 by William Duckett This immense Castellated Gothic Manse is a striking image on the surrounding landscape. The house was destroyed by fire in 1933 and only the shell of the building remains. All interior floors and roof are gone.The estate was taken under care of Carlow Co Council in 2005 and they have done a remarkable job of restoring the two walled gardens attached to the house and opened them up as a public park. You cannot access the house itself but you can enter the courtyard to walk through the gardens. You can also walk around the rear of the building where you will find a stone bridge over a dried up river bed and a walk following the walled gardens at which at one point there is a door in the wall to one of the gardens. the sheer gothic architecture of the house is a marvel to look at especially on a bright sunny day. To find Duckett's Grove take the R726 Hackettstown road until you reach Killerig crossroads. Turn left onto the R418 and follow on toward Knocknacree. you will find a signpost along the road pointing left for Duckett's Grove.

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  1. Outstanding appearance,remimds me some of Clifden Castle. Thanks for your information and directions as well. Sometimes they can be hard to find..........