Thursday 11 October 2018

Howth Castle Co Dublin

                                               Above Image: Gate Tower entrance

                               Above Image & Image Below:Doors within the tower
                                                                               one partially destroyed

Home to the St Lawrence family for over 800 years this partially ruined castle is a sight to see.
The first structure built was a wooden castle commissioned by Almeric the first Lord of Howth in the 12th century.
The oldest parts of what we see today date from the 15th century. Originally a large tower house it was greatly added to over the years with a second tower and a gate tower being added  with a crenellated wing. A further wing was added in the 19th century. Although tours can be arranged you can still get fine views by simply walking around the grounds. Within the gate tower arch there are a couple of doorways one of which the fortified wooden panelling is falling apart. The grounds are easily accessible from the road and while here you can also visit Aideen's grave a stunning tomb in the woods (see earlier post here)
To find Howth Castle take the Howth road Eastwards from Sutton cross and drive for approx 1.5KM until you see the large pillared gates on your right. Simply drive up the avenue until you reach the castle..