Saturday 18 May 2013

Castleruddery Stone Circle Co Wicklow

                          Above Image: The stones are distributed over a wide area

                              Above Image: The entrance stile by the roadside

                                       Above Image: The entrance stones

                                      Above Image: some interesting indents

It is always nice when seeking out ruins that from time to time you come across some ancient megalithic sites along the way. This particular stone circle is one of the more interesting ones to be found of those dotted around the country.
Dating most likely to the Bronze Age it consists of  between 35 to 40 stones in a 30 metre wide circle. The circle is surrounded by an earthen bank with an opening on the Eastern side. Two huge quartz boulders form an entrance to the circle itself and it is amazing to ponder how difficult it must have been to place them here. The stones surrounding are either upright or recumbent and some have cup indents similar to those found in Bullaun stones.
When we visited the grass had been cut back a bit exposing the circle at probably its best. I always get a great sense of history walking among these stones and also a sense that they were of some importance. The old name of this formation "The Druidical Circle" lends some evidence to this. Perhaps some ancient ceremonies took place here which makes the site all the more mysterious.
A single tall standing stone is also adjacent to the entrance boulders as if keeping watch.
The circle lies on farmland but a very decent and sturdy stile has been erected at the roadside along with an information board. A fenced lane way leads you directly to the stones without having to intrude on the private farmland. It is best visited on a bright day when the sunlight reflects off the quartz.
To find the circle take the N81 Dublin to Tullow road and approx. 20Km out of Blessington you will spot a sign for The Glen Lounge and a road forking to the left. There is also here a sign clearly pointing to the stone circle itself. Take the left turn and drive for approx. 900m passing through a small crossroads and you will see a small pull in space on your right. The wooden stile is clearly visible.

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