Saturday 20 August 2011

Old Glencullen Church Co Dublin

Old Glencullen Church or St Patrick's Chapel as it is properly known, is a relatively recent ruin. The Church was finished construction in 1824 as the plaque on it's wall proudly proclaims, The Church remained in use until 1909 when Archbishop Walsh unveiled the new St Patrick's Church, a much larger structure built of granite about 50 metres up the road.. The population of the area had grown considerably since the original Church construction and so the old church fell into disuse and eventually ruin. There are also signs that at some time it had been subject to fire.
The ruin stands upon a hillock surrounded by many old graves and it's roofless walls are now invaded by ivy.
Access is still possible as the iron gates outside are unlocked and although the doorways to the church are obstructed by vegetation, you can still get inside. The ground underfoot is packed with broken twigs and such so tread carefully.
Within the walls is a very sombre atmosphere. What was once probably a vibrant Church, is now just a grim carcass, but being a recent ruin it's probably going to be around for a long time yet.We spent about a half hour looking around and although the road outside was fairly busy, nobody else entered the grounds. Inside logs of wood had been stacked against the walls as someone had been cutting back the trees and was probably using it for storage.They had even placed parts of branches across the doorway, possibly to deter any unwanted visitors or antisocial activity. 
To find St Patrick's Chapel, take the R117 to Kilternan. At the Blue wooden Church (Our Lady of the Wayside) turn onto Ballybetagh Rd. Follow this road for a couple of miles and just before you reach Johnnie Fox's Pub you will see the Church ruin on your right. You could park in the Pub car park and take a couple of minute walk or park at the gate as we did.


  1. Thanks for the information on this. Was recently here and took a few shots!

    1. No problem Ailish. did you manage to get inside? as I heard recently they were blocking it up