Friday, 6 February 2015

Deansrath Castle Co Dublin

                                                Above Image: East facing aspect

                                          Above Image: Possible vaulted portion?

A small one to be getting on with.  In a modern housing estate in Clondalkin lie the remains of the Castle of Deansrath. There seems to be a vagueness about its origins but it is recorded to have been owned by Edward Bassenet one of the numerous Deans of St Patrick's Cathedral in the 16th century. Hence probably the origin of the castle’s name. After the dissolution by Henry VIII to which controversially Bassenet actually surrendered the deanery, he took to residing in the Castle when it and its lands were granted to him. In 1641 during the then rebellion the rebels took Clondalkin and were laid siege to by the English forces who burnt the village and destroyed Deansrath Castle.
Although a view of the Castle ruins by artist Gabriel Beranger from 1773 shows substantial ruins only a fragment of the Castle remains now and rather than being demolished when the housing estate was built it has instead been protected by a metal fence and sits on the edge of a green area. Being in an estate I always feel a bit uncomfortable photographing as I’m sure it might make someone think you were up to some suspicious behaviour but in fact I had no trouble at all. There really is only a small portion left to see and the top is now covered in ivy. The Western facing portion appears to have a part of a vault or perhaps maybe a fireplace, otherwise it is hard to ascertain what actual part of the Castle this is that remains. Nonetheless the ruins have an interesting history and it great to see them being preserved.
To find the ruins take the N7 to Newlands Cross and then take the R113 (Fonthill Rd) towards Clondalkin.  After approx. 1.2KM you will reach a small road painted roundabout. Continue on through to the next large roundabout and turn left on the first exit onto the R134 (New Nangor Rd). Drive for approx. 1Km until you reach a junction with St Cuthbert's Rd. Turn right and drive until you reach a small roundabout . Turn right and drive about 60m and you will spot the ruin on your left. You can park anywhere around here.


  1. I never knew that deansrath has all this history

    1. That's why I love exploring even the smallest places. History is all around us. Thanks for checking out the blog!