Tuesday 13 January 2015

St Finghin's Church Co Clare

                                                Above Image: The East gable

                                 Above Image: The Tower on the South West Corner

                              Above & Below Images: Two aspects of the East gable

This striking ruin lies adjacent to the River Rine in the village of Quin in Co Clare. It is thought to have been constructed by the DeClares in the late 1270’s as a parish Church and dedicated to St Finghin ( a Saint of which little is known of but who may have been associated with St Columba in the 6th century) It is a single cell Church long and narrow with a fine triple lancet window in its Eastern gable. A three-level tower of an unusual design was added to the Church in the 1500’s and was linked directly to the interior.
This ruin is close to Quin Abbey which is situated across the Rine. The area around the ruins of St Finghins has been nicely landscaped and is easily accessible from the main street through an iron gate. The most striking feature has to be the tower standing at approx. 56 feet on the South West Corner. It leans slightly but otherwise It’s in reasonable condition. Its design to me looks a little more continental than the usual square towers seen in this country. The North wall of the Church is missing but the South wall with its entrance door and window remains intact. The other interesting feature is the East gable with its triple windows still looking very ornate after all these years. This is a very aesthetically pleasing ruin and appears to be well maintained and is well worth your time to visit especially on a sunny day as the surrounds are quite attractive.  
To find the ruins take the M18 heading South and exit at Junction 12. At the top of the exit ramp take the first left hand turn. Drive for approx. 4.5KM until you reach a crossroads with the R469 and a sign pointing right towards Quin. Turn right and drive for approx. 5.5KM until you reach Quin village. Just after the Abbey Stores the road swings left into the village. Continue and you will find the entrance gate to the ruins just opposite the Monks Well Inn. Ample parking available in the village.

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