Tuesday 24 December 2013

Adam & Eve Co Dublin

                                Above Image: As they appear from the field gate

                                                  Above Image: Adam

                                                     Above Image: Eve

These interesting Megalithic stones dating back probably to the Bronze age (2300BC-750BC) stand in a meadow near the small village of Saggart in South West County Dublin.
Barely visible from the road as the meadow is surrounded by a tall hedgerow and trees, you will spot them  fleetingly through gaps in the hedge and a field gate if driving or walking by.
The stones lay in the town land of Boherboy and are known by that name but locally they are called "Adam & Eve"  Eve stands approx.1.3m and Adam a little shorter and more pointed. They stand approx. 1.7m apart in an East-West direction.
The owner of the meadow appears to have a great deal of respect for these stones as he carefully cuts around them during harvest.
I always get a great deal of pleasure in finding such sites as these as I'm sure many have done before me. They exude a great mystery and give a tangible link to the past. We visited on a September evening when the sun was kissing the horizon and the light reflected on them in a very pleasant manner.
The field is accessed by a gate on the roadside. We simply parked across the road from it and hopped over to take a look. There are no prohibitive signs but I'm sure the landowner wouldn't really mind as they are close to the edge of the field. There are only a couple of stone pairs in the Dublin area, another being in Rockbrook. But Adam & Eve I think are the more interesting aesthetically.
To find the stones take the N81 Dublin to Tullow Road and just past the junction with the N82 signposted for Saggart there is a fork in the road on a bend. Take the right hand road and drive for approx. 800m until you come to a left hand turn with an electric wire pole standing behind it..Continue 50m just past this turn and you will spot a field gate in the hedgerow. Parking can be made opposite by the bungalows.

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