Wednesday 9 February 2022

Ballinascorney Famine Cross Co Dublin

                                    Above Image: Cross and base at road junction

                       Above Image: Mass Rock (left) & Stonecross Cottage ruin (right)

This stone cross is to be found in the Dublin mountains just above the town of Tallaght on the Ballinascorney pass. The cross stands on a junction of the old road to the Kilbride army camp and the newer road that leads towards Brittas (the R114). Like many antiquities it can be easily missed.

The cross unlike some of the others I have previously posted is not an ancient cross but a commemorative one built to mark those who died in the great potato famine which began in Ireland in 1847.

The cross is made of granite which is dominant among the hills of Dublin and Wicklow and stands a little under six feet tall and at it's widest, three feet. It has been placed upon a circular stone base giving it even more height. It is roughly dated to around 1850 and became a directional point for the way to the mass rock in the forest on the slopes of Ballymorefinn Hill approx 2KM away. Mass rocks were designated sites where during penal times almost 350 years ago Catholics celebrated mass in seclusion when mass was banned and any clergy found celebrating it risked being executed.

A small stone cottage ruin is situated in the trees on private ground just behind the cross. It is aptly called Stonecross cottage. 

To find the cross take the R114 towards Ballinascorney from the crossroads at the old mill pub in Tallaght and drive for approx 4.5KM until you see a little slip road on your left (L7462). Drive up the slip road and the cross is at the top at he fork in the road. You can park on the grass verge opposite.

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