Monday 26 February 2018

Ballyowen Castle Co Dublin

                                      Above Image: North & West facing walls

                                         Above Image: North & East facing walls

                                     Above Image: Old print showing original castle

You never know when you are going to come across some hidden historical site that is literally under your nose. I had been aware that there had been in the past a castle at Ballyowen but with all the development of the area in the closing years of the last century I imagined it had disappeared into rubble. Well thanks to Kevin Andrew for mentioning it’s existence on the comments in the Old Irishtown Castle post.(see here)
Only a portion remains today and it has been incorporated into Ballyowen shopping centre and is currently in use as a solicitor's office.
The castle originally dates back to the 16th century but there is not a lot of information relating to it other than it was occupied in the 16th century by the Taylors and subsequently by the Nottinghams and the Rochforts in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Looking at the structure now really the only original remains are of part of the tower. If you look at some old prints depicting the castle you will notice it was L-shaped. The tower was also much taller standing at three storeys. The building attached to the tower today is probably the remains of the later added farm house building.

While not the most spectacular of sites it is still interesting to see how the past can be incorporated into the present and form a function.

To find the Castle remains take the N4 west from Dublin and exit at junction 3 for Ballyowen. At the traffic lights at the top of the exit ramp turn left onto the R136. Drive on through the next major junction and continue on until you pass The Penny Hill Bar on you left. At the next junction just past the bar turn left and then take the first left into the car park. The castle building is at the bottom of the park beside the Eurospar shop.